Moving Helps

This list is designed to jog your memory about things you should do, and give you some level of peace that you are ready as moving day approaches.Happy Child on Moving Day

  1. One week prior to move send in the forms for your address change
  2. Defrost your fridge and leave the door open a day before you move
  3. Use the move as an opportunity to get rid of unwanted/unneeded items
  4. Make a floor plan of your new location and where you want your belongings
  5. Be sure to label your boxes on the side as well as the top
  6. Smaller boxes should be used for items of heavier weight
  7. Dishes should not be laid flat, but stacked on their side
  8. If you have to take furniture apart to move it, tape all the parts to the main piece
  9. When packing electronics, if possible use original boxes or use bubble wrap
  10. Boxes should always be taped shut for their safety and security
  11. Be sure to load essentials on the rear of the truck as you will likely need them first
  12. Don’t forget to leave some last minute cleanup items out
  13. Have a backup plan, don’t just rely on family and friends
  14. Before movers arrive, have everything as ready to go as possible to speed up the move