Chesterton Movers (Moving Stories)

Moving can be a pain, make sure you have the right movers.

Janet Adams, Alexandria, VA

I am not bragging but I am incredibly organized. I had my entire move planned down to the most microscopic detail a month before my move date. Why then was my move a disaster? I had done everything, I had contingency plans for every possible thing that could wrong, yet my moving day turned out to be the single most stressful day that I can remember.

I got a lot of grey hairs on moving day but I should have know better that despite all the planning and prep work, when it comes down to it you a relying on other people when it comes to moving day.

Problem number one, the people who bought are house were from out of town and showed up a day early with their moving truck and asked if we might be able to move out early, but not to worry about it if we couldn’t. However they had two small children and a dog,and despite the fact that they shouldn’t have presumed they could move in early I just felt sorry for them sitting in their moving truck.

Problem number two,despite the fact that I called to confirm not once but twice, the movers were twelve hours late. As a result we started our move at midnight versus noon. The fact that they were late was not so bad, but the fact that we didn’t know that they were going to be late and never told us left wondering if they were coming at all. Every time we called the mover they said, “they should be there in fifteen minutes,” and this was mover we checked out and called references on.

Problem number four, at one in the morning when the movers were loading our crystal and most fragile items onto the moving truck a hail storm started. This wasn’t a storm that started with a little drizzle then start hailing. The heavens opened and immediately shot down golf-ball sized hail for ten minutes severely damaging some of my favorite family heirlooms.

There are more problems that occurred but I’ll stop here because you are getting the picture. About half-way through the move at 3:00 in the morning my breath was getting short, I had a head ache and I was tired. I kept on getting more and more upset because I was trying to control this uncontrollable circus that my move had become. Finally I stopped and took a deep breath and said to myself, you did the best job planning that you possibly could you can’t control other people or acts of God, let go! and that is exactly what I did.

Not all circumstances can be controlled by movers, but being twelve hours late is unacceptable. Hoosier Mover understands that your time is important and as our customer your needs are important to us. Our courteous staff would have never let this happen. We post our feedback so you get a better understanding of who your dealing with. YOU are important to us!

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Michigan City Move:

The time and date were set on Friday morning, so Hoosier Mover showed up on time to do the job. The ladies who had worked through the night packing the apartment were actually surprised to see us. They had thought we would cancel due to the snow that had been coming down for the last three hours and still was.

When we walked into the third floor apartment, they proceeded to show us the mountain of boxes we were to move as well as the furniture. We “rolled up our sleeves” and got right to work. Within a few hours (of the ultimate stair master), they were out of the apartment with their things loaded safely at a storage unit in town. When all was said and down, they gave us a very generous tip and referral.

We at Hoosier Mover have come to find this to be the normal, and we are proud to say that people love our hard work ethic and professionalism. Not all moving companies are the same, so make sure you know, “Who’s your mover?”